Da Douche Prince

March 12, 2008 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty 27

Please don’t cut me!- nik

Look it’s “Hootie and the Orange Blowfish”!- nik

EMAIL: ok so this kid, and i mean kid cuz he just turned 21 and he thinks he is the number one promoter in Hollywood. He calls himself the “Prince of Hollywood” more like the queen if you look at some of his pics. He thinks he is ballin as a promoter even though he still valets at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. He is a real douche bag, him and all of his friends think they run Hollywood, he works for a promotion company called Prettyboy Promotions they are a joke too.

He probably makes more in tips as a Valet boy. Promoters in Hollywood don’t make any money. Just ask Frankie Delgado (Brody Jenner’s manager) I saw one of his checks for $630.89 once from Bolthouse. Now that is BIGTIME!- nik