TheDirty has to expose this 3TV LOVE AFFAIR!!!

May 19, 2008 Scottsdale, The Dirty 144

EMAIL: Hey Nik…love your site! I think it’s time someone exposes this DIRTY…

I am a bartender at Devil’s Martini in North Scottsdale and every now and then Heather Moore (3TV anchor) and Ben Lemoine (3TV reporter) are there together. I have personally witnessed them numerous times making out on the dance floor and last night they left in a cab together. Now, no big deal you say? Well, Heather supposedly has a long-time boyfriend who is a Phoenix firefighter. I know this because my sister is a nurse at one of the hospitals that Heather’s boyfriend brings patients to, and my sis and him chat on occasion. He is always telling her things about him and Heather, so clearly he still thinks they’re a couple! Little does he know that when he’s working his 24-hour shift, Heather is out gettin’ it on with Ben! Now that’s what I call DIRTY!!

Just like Channel 3 on your side I have verified this with multiple sources. See TheDirty is on your side too.- nik