Brody Jenner’s New Crew

February 3, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, Tampa, The Dirty 12

Beetle Juice hockey hair & Brody Jenner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, still kind of hung over from Super Sunday but is this not the ultimate Duke of Do-Nothing Brody Jenner hanging out with that weird looking hockey haired douche from Toronto? Talk about a perfect storm…noodles, SGM, Brody, short bus guy and shims all rolled into one.

Brody is really going up the social ladder.  I watched him play the D-List Celeb Bowl in Tampa… he looked at me with longing eyes.  Can someone please explain to me why Frankie Delgado is famous?  He was trying to get as much face time as possible during the Celeb Bowl.- nik