**Update** Tony Romo’s New, Skinnier Girl

July 25, 2009 Chicago, Dallas, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 210

Tony Romo's new girl

Tony Romo's new girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tony Romo’s new chick from Chicago, Natalie Smith. She’s in Dallas visting him now. Way hotter then that fat mess Jessica. I would bang her in a second.

Confirmed from two sources that they are seeing each other (boning).  Sorry Jessica.- nik

**Update**  TheDirty.com has discovered that Natalie Smith, his new girlfriend, went to Eastern Illinois University, the alma mater of Tony Romo, and that her father is actually the athletic director over at EIU. All attempts to get a statement from Mr. Smith have been declined. Story developing.