Are The Sheep Rumors True

April 28, 2010 Justin Bobby, Scottsdale, The Dirty 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you and the DA are a fan of the Sheep (J-Bob’s brother). Well after talking with the new GM at the new Hotel Theodore and others, the Mondrian Sheep is NO MORE. I’m pissed they took this away. It was a staple of the hotel and of “The Dirty”. I offered to purchase one of the three that the Mondrian had but was told they were thrown away. I call BS on that. Regardless, I never went to the Mondrian unless they called me up for equipment (which they never seemed to pay their bills). I will miss the Sheep when I make deliveries to the new hotel and just thought you should know that he is dead and was sent to the trash. I still think the previous GM took one of the 3 JB’s for memories but I could be wrong.

According to Justin Bobby- the Sheep’s alcoholic brother, the Sheep is still alive. He is not in a trash can that is just an Urban Legend. Supposedly he got kidnapped and is being held hostage by former Mondrian employees. If you know of the Sheep’s whereabouts please contact [email protected]- nik