Tony Parker’s Brother Pierre Is Nothing But A Free Loader, Pierre Parker!

March 25, 2011 Dirty Athletes, San Antonio, The Dirty 59

Freeloading brother Pierre Parker!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Pierre Parker; brother of TONY PARKER! ring a bell? na didnt think so! Pierre runs around san antonio acting like hes some kinda of celeb and expects everyone to know him! “sorry loser but its your BROTHER THATS FAMOUS! NOT YOU!!! ” Pierre is just like every other loser out there! All he does is smooch off his Famous nba brother. He THINKS he can get girls, when really they only give him the time of day to get to his BROTHER! he acts like hes all that and has it all going on when in reality he does NOT! Pierre needs to get over it and stop fn all these grenades! id be surprised if he could actually get a nice girl to put up with his crazy low life self.

You know Pierre Parker is upset about his brother’s divorce. He must be losing ass like crazy to Tony.- nik