Sleeze Balls Of K Falls

May 27, 2011 Eugene, Portland 55



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so these three girls are thee BIGGEST sloots around. The blonde has been on here before..her name is Marissa cook. The sloot with the big saggy boobs in the purple is Shelby Bryson and the little boy is Kelsey Anderson. They are ALL known for being all talk and no action. All they can do is sit around and talk sh*t about people and when it comes down to seeing that person they run like little b*tches. Marissa is notorious for homie hopping and threatening peoples unborn children. I guess that makes her tough or something. She has 2 little girls that live with her mom because she cant take care of them because shes too busy sleeping around and not eating (notice how anorexic she is). now shelby is known for cheating on her fiance, causing drama with people she used to be friends with and then running back to them begging for forgiveness because she has no other friends except maybe the drunk fat dude at a party. Shelby takes AT LEAST 3 pictures of herself everyday to upload to facebook and they are all the same pose…either bending over in the mirror so people can see her sagging t*ts or that HORRID fish lip/duckface pose. Kelsey seems to have some sort of fungus growing on her upper lip that she covers up with makeup. her and her boyfriend moved 500 miles just to live in a little tiny 5th wheel for his U.P. job and while hes gone for multiple days at a time, she meets random guys to bring “home”. Then she broke up with him and moved back….got back with him, and then broke up with him…f*cked everybody in southern oregon and then got back with him just to break up again. she is PATHETIC! please put these girls on blast and let everybody know just how trashy they are…and shut down their incredibly high egos.

She manages to hide those chunktastic arms of hers well, next step bangs.- nik

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