Elizabeth Wertenberger Is On Track For Miss Michigan

June 17, 2011 Dirty Athletes, Grand Rapids, The Dirty 25

Elizabeth Wertenberger on track for Miss Michigan

Elizabeth Wertenberger on track for Miss Michigan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember Elizabeth Wertenberger? Well she won the talent portion of Miss Michigan last night. Her best talent may be staying out of the police report in her boyfriend’s suicide attempt at her place: were-called-QB-Tate-Forcier-hung-out-third-story-window.  Isn’t she glad she went groupie to get rid of what she calls her “controlling” ex-boyfriend so she could be with this freak show?  My main question now is, how many states has the DA had pageant winners in? Can we start a Miss Dirty USA pageant?

Every pageant girl has a past and is a good liar. To win Miss America you need to fool the world that you are a good person like Elizabeth Wertenberger.- nik

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