The Trailer Quentin Tarantino Doesn’t Want Anyone To See

November 4, 2011 Hollywood, Manhattan, The Dirty 213

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, hope you aren’t pissed about me pulling the clip. Things got a bit sketchy to say the least and I just got nervous with keeping it up there. Anyway as I told you before a couple people from the production were planning on leaking information and they just did it a few days ago.  They are doing it under the guise that they want to bring awareness to the footage but its just a way for them to cash out on the time they spent working on the film. They want to build a following before it hits any type of media but they can go f*ck themselves as far as I am concerned, I rather you have control of it. You have been fair to Blake lately and I hope you do so in the future; so I figured I would send you the trailer in a sign of good faith.  P.S- If you continue to write about him in a good light I am sure he would have no problem giving you an exclusive when this thing blows up.  Here it is, the trailer Tarantino doesn’t want you to see.

Blake, I don’t know if this is a good look for you. The more I think about this… the more I think people will compare you to Joran van der Sloot.- nik

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