Paula From Jersey Shore

December 19, 2011 Jersey, The Dirty 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to post my ex-best friend Paula (yes she is the girl who slept with Situation), to see what you think of her. Since almost all the extras from Jersey Shore have been posted on this site, Paula should definitely be on here as well. You can tell what kind of girl Paula is by just watching the Jersey Shore episodes (2 episodes) she was on, in both episode she got sh*t faced and banged Mike……..This girl slept over some random guys house and basically banged him on T.V. Shows real character, She’s a total embarrassment, but what seizes to amaze me is that she tells everyone she “models”, well I’m just not too sure about that. I know I may come off as a “jealous” ex-bff, but I only stopped speaking to her because I don’t chill with trashy girls, who drink to the point that they are puking, and blowing random guys at clubs. Paula wakeup and smell the beans, because you don’t want DRDs… I actually miss the sweet innocent Paula, Nik please help me put some sense into Paula.

Am I the only one who notices how her nose and chin stick out about two inches when she smiles?- nik