Officer Anthony Rose Should Stop Being Such A Creep

January 4, 2012 Dirty Cops, Dirty Predator, Oregon State, Portland, The Dirty 88

Dirty cop!

(Click on the image to see Officer Anthony Rose without his “Uniform”)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cop / d-bag, Anthony Rose, had been exposing himself on duty (the photos below were off duty, but he was literally taking photos of his junk right after a traffic stop while in uniform and in a patrol car), using his position as an Albany Police Officer to meet and date girls (one woman from a civil standby he was dispatched to, and another he saw during a crash investigation, oh and a bunch of barista’s in town), who he was later showing naked photos of to a bunch of other officers down at the station. Anthony also lost his gun while drunk at a party in Salem. So if you sent Anthony naked photos there is a good chance he showed a bunch of other cops down in Albany. Girls watch out for this tool!

I clicked on the image and I am pretty sure he uses Head and Shoulders shampoo down below.- nik