Bottle Rat Mother Yailen Rodriguez

April 9, 2012 Miami, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic mother from Miami is Yailen Rodriguez aka sugar daddies little angel. She likes to pretend she’s a model but let’s face it, real models shouldn’t have toilets in the background of their shots. She likes to drag her kid to shady locations for her “photo shoots” and then leave her at home while she gets wasted every night. This chick is obviously getting money from child support because her bootleg “modeling” career is clearly not as booming as her supposedly real boobs would make you believe. Notice the photoshopped picture with the car which she does on the side as a car rental provider for Life Style Luxury Rentals. She should probably stick to that instead of relying on photoshop, men or her kid getting her a paycheck. Then again, we wouldn’t want her going to jail a SECOND time for driving like a homeless nut. Go home, get some self respect and take care of your kid. Put this slut on blast!! Also, she was already posted under “Miami Bottle Rats” and you can also find her in boobpedia where it says she supposedly does not have +2’s. I’ve blurred out the kids face because lets face it, she’s suffered enough embarrassment from this hood rat mother of hers.

Yailen, you missed your “modeling” window… time to be a mother.- nik