Cellan Is Amazing, But Their Customer Service Sucks

April 5, 2012 Calgary, Cellan, The Dirty 0

Cellan is amazing, but customer service sucks! HELP!

Cellan is amazing, but customer service sucks! HELP!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Big thanks on letting the world know about Cellan! I started taking it a couple months ago and am loving the progress! HOWEVER… Initially I ordered Cellean(Cellan) same company, I ordered the one with caffeine as opposed to the berry blend. Worked AMAZING! BUT the next month I was sent the berry blend instead by accident, and it has done nothing for me, Ive been calling the company for weeks trying to get the right product shipped to me ASAP, and have offered to pay for express shipping even though it was their mistake, as I want to stay on track! I have gotten the run around and would love a little help/advice for dealing with the company! You are the best!

Email me directly ([email protected]), I will take care of it. If need be I will mail you my personal bottle in the meantime.- nik

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