Lauren Athcison Doing What She Does

May 24, 2012 Chicago, Harvard 4

(Click on her face to see what she does)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lauren Atchison continuing her long run of being the biggest wh*re in Chicago. At 28 she doesn’t have much time left to score a guy to take care of her so she f*cks everybody, but they catch on fast! Her reputation is so bad she would have better off winning the lottery than finding a guy that truly loves her except one Moran who she treats like sh*t, but is one of the best looking guys in Chicago and the only one of helps her out with anything or shows her any respect. He is an idiot and he will be mad this got posted, but he needs to realize she doesn’t give a f*ck about him… This is in your best interest brother… You know who posted and don’t get mad… you have to realize what a piece of sh*t she is …. and it would be one things if she was good to you , but she f*cks other guys and talks shit about you… she is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 and your are an 11… F*ck her!!!

You really don’t like this girl.- nik