How Can A Dirty Celeb Have A Refund Gap Like That

June 14, 2012 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been DA strong since and have always had the biggest crush on Canary… Until I got to meet her in person.  So a few weeks ago one of my buddies finalized his divorce and to celebrate he took all of us to Vegas.  On the way up there he start telling me how he “booked” a few girls to come join us at dinner and the club and then to the after party… all we had to do is choose since they had been paid for.  We get to dinner I take a glance at the girls and all the sudden my heart drops… there she is Canary herself and I can have her at will.  I’m so excited I almost c*m in my pants, we start talking and then all the sudden all I can see or think about is the nasty refund gap she had.  Completely ruined what I had imagined the last few years… long story short, I had to pass on her like I was playing monopoly.  Took down her smoking hot brunette that is not pictures.  Moral of the story… Nik choose you DC’s better please.

Vegas has got to her chest (wear and tear).- nik