Brazilian Leadership, What A Joke

July 20, 2012 j3, San Diego 21

Brazilian Leadership? What a Joke

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Larissa Danielli, NOW she is going by Larissa Nearing…is part of the “DANIELLI FAMILY”… our “wanna be a Leader” Alex Danielli has a kid with this woman that SUPPORTS him and raise his child…Look what kind of a POLITICIAN he will be with a FAMILY like this….Larissa was arrested not only ONCE…but FOUR TIMES…between DUIs, selling drugs and Child Dangerouness, ALEX ex… is so crazy that she lost custody of her second child… and they both scammed the government, the little boy stayed with Alex and She was living there even that SHE COULD NOT…  Larissa is the so called “white trash”….two kids…two different fathers…and she MAKES A LOT OF CHILD SUPPORT…Great Leader Alex…great example of EXs… Maybe their boy will be a POTHEAD very soon, or Alex is gonna want him to be THE PRESIDENT OF USA??? WHAT A JOKE DANIELLIs…. That is all we need in San Diego…a Brazilian Leader, fake with a Drug Dealer ex wife….or even better…with an ex that survives scamming the Government, Food Stamps, Free daycares, unemployment, and even TRYING to sue the San Diego County HAHAHA….There we go ALEX…congratulations…beautifull Family…  (PS: GOOGLE HER NAME “LARISSA DANIELLI” you will see her being arrested and all over the news DEFENDING DRUGS).

I think the Presidency for this family is a long shot.- nik