**UPDATE: Leave Sarah Alone

September 14, 2012 Dallas, Nik's Chick, San Diego, The Dirty 158 6,503 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is not Sarah W’s fault. All these guys are the idiots. You included Nik! All Sarah does is live her life and you stupid guys fall in love and play games. Sarah is a hard working business professional who God has blessed with good looks and a smart brain. It’s not her fault that guys spend money on her or pay her rent. She doesn’t asked to be treated like a goddess. You guys are all idiots who think paying for her trips and lifestyle will turn her on. FALSE! Sarah doesn’t need your money honey! And she doesn’t care about age or race. She is a loving girl who is cursed by her God given looks. And so what if she sleeps with different guys in different cities. Have you never watched Sex And The City? Sarah Wood is not married so she can sleep with whoever she wants! Period!

Thanks Roslyn Melnick for clearing that up.- nik

**Update: No wonder this is Sarah’s best friend, Nik check this out: