Mor Grinberg Is Sarah New Victim

September 13, 2012 Miami, The Dirty 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik I have cracked the code on Sarah  exposed. I did some undercover work to see what guy slept with her during the Miami “business trip”. Let me introduce you to 30K Millionaire Mor Grinberg. I have confirmed from 4 different sources and even Mor himself that Sarah Wood gave him a freebee. They still talk and he is IN LOVE. Nik, I work in the industry and this 30k will walk up to a random table, pick up a bottle of champagne pretending that its his and takes a picture. Case in point. So Sarah I know you like to lie to get free sh*t, but this guy is worse. Nik they might be perfect for each other.

Sarah has a new boyfriend and it’s not this guy (sex in Miami doesn’t count as love).- nik