More Of Sarah Exposed In Miami

September 10, 2012 Dallas, Miami, Nik's Chick, The Dirty 30 6,856 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sarah may have erased her twitter and instagram, but she cant erase what she did last weekend in Miami.  I am not sure what poor guy put her up and flew her to Miami, but who ever it was was duped and needs to know the truth.  You see whichever one of her “boyfriends”  flew her out and put her and her girlfriend up at Canyon Ranch needs to know what Sarah Wood really was doing at night with her girlfriend.  They went out all three nights of  Labor Day Weekend—Friday and Saturday night at LIV they were all over some table with some guys from LA and then on Sunday did the same at Mansion.  I would love to know what Sarah told her “boyfriend numbers 1, 2, or 3?” she was doing????  You see Nik, Sarah slept with a guy who is a “promoter intern” over the weekend in Miami.  Yes, I said “promoter intern” as this guy is not a promoter nor an employee for the night clubs but acts like one for free.  At least Sarah Wood is is an equal opportunity bang and you dont have to have money to play.

I heard this promoter dude had a threesome with Sarah and her friend. At least that is what he texted everyone. One thing I have learned over the years… Club promoters are con artists when it comes to getting girls to sleep with them. They will stop at nothing.- nik