Paul Nichols Is Not A Professional Photographer

September 25, 2012 Fresno 5 9,376 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Paul (I mean ‘Paul) Nichols is yet another creeping photographer trying to take advantage of young girls. I first met him back in 2006 while I was still in highs chool. He was sitting outside my high school in Visalia passing out his “business cards” and offering me and my friends modeling shoots as we walked off campus. I told campus security but he told security he was just there to pick up his sister. He gave me the creepiest stare and I’ve kept tabs on this guy since then. He lives in a house that his parents bought for him and constantly posts on FB about how many beautiful models he gets to shoot with daily. Check out his FB page for an example of his sh*tty work. He went through the police academy a couple of years ago but has yet to find a job because he cannot pass the psych exam. While in the academy he had nude pictures of the models he “shot” with on his phone and shared them with numerous people. Two of the girls I knew, and were underage at the time. How he dodged charges on that one I have no idea. He works at a local bar as a “bouncer.” Did I mention he’s about 5’6″ 160lbs and balding? I’m submitting this as a warning to females in the Visalia/Fresno area, please do not book a shoot with this pervert!

A nice camera’s all a predator needs in life. Dudes definitely content.- nik