Sarah Has Hit Rock Bottom

September 5, 2012 Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Nik's Chick, San Diego, The Dirty 30 30,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you how much I respect you and your foreshadowing of females. You have a knack for banging chicks in their prime. Case in point “Nik’s Chick” real name Sarah d. The girl has worn out her welcome in Dallas ever since she got caught sleeping with a married doctor (lost her job) and also claimed her 55 year old boyfriend beat the sh*t out of her (she used makeup to fake a black eye). Sarah had to write an apology letter to all of the old geezers business associates as she was banging Eric (her forever lover) on the side. Wait but there is more, she is almost 30 years old and is still chasing the party. Sarah goes to major rave/dj events and looks for new high rollers to bank her lifestyle. Like a true escort she sleeps with these men for exotic trips and nice gifts. She is currently working 3 guys as we speak. Sarah’s game plan is to keep the distance with these men (I know because she is banging my buddy in Miami as we speak), he’s hip to the game though. He understands his role as benefactor for ass purposes. Sarah also claims that she controls everything that goes up on this website, so here is the test Nik. Before she jet sets to London lets test her power. Sarah needs to be exposed (look how she photoshops her pictures to look skinny). I beg all guys and girls she uses to come forward. Sarah your face can only save your fat body for so long.

Don’t call her Nik’s Chick, that’s embarrassing to my soul.- nik