What A Real Model Looks Like

September 3, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in this day an age I’m getting sick and tired of every girl thinking they are some sort of model because they have X amount of followers on Twitter and Instagram.  Wanted to shut them all up and show them what the hell a real model looks like.  This Is Haley Nicolet and she is a REAL MODEL.  She travels all over the country and gets paid for the pictures she takes, she isn’t out there helping photographers grow their “portfolio”.  She is so young and is one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, I just hope when she turns 21 it all doesn’t go downhill from there.  She only has 1 downfall… she is always in love with broke douche bags, she needs to wake up and smell the coffee and start getting with some real men that will know how to treat her.

Haley this guy is right. As you get older the looks will go and so will your savings account. Take your looks and find a rich suitor asap with at least 10 million liquid for settlement reasons (god forbid).- nik