East Van Homewrecking Troll

October 22, 2012 Vancouver 24
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is laurie dawn she is the dirtiest broad in east van she makes me so sick she has a baby boy and she pawns the kid off to fck guys all over the east van she spreads herps around and has no shame in her game she is phsyico she stalks her boyfriend so bad I think he’s just scared to leave her she had his baby but it was dead when born ! That’s karma bitch your man was and still is fcking someone everyother day and you keep sleeping with him guess dirty plus dirty is a perfect pair you don’t deserve to be a mom you put men over yur kid yopu act so hard but your a pussy !!!!! Wanna dress like a man don’t be mad when ur men leave u for a real woman lol plus wanna act like a man u deserve to get hit like a man Grow up stop spreading ur drd and ur legs and opening ur troll mouth and you will be fine Hey nik would u hit this .

Does she purposely stick her gobble out for a bigger chin?- nik