Sarah Jones Is A Pathological Liar

October 25, 2012 Cincinnati, The Dirty 374

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this clip says it all. Why do people keep believing Sarah Jones’ lies? Now I find it hard to believe Cody York is the only boy she has been with. Good luck at your trial Nik, hopefully you won’t have to wire Sarah Jones $11 million dollars.

As the world knows, Sarah Jones’s lawsuit against me is going to trial in January 2013.  The judge has agreed that we are entitled to copies of Sarah’s text messages with Cody York.  You’d think this would be enough for Sarah to reconsider her lawsuit, but I guess she doesn’t see it that way.  She’s still demanding $11 million for damage to her reputation (almost 300 years worth of her teacher’s salary).  She needs this money because she says her reputation was hurt by posts on  Think about that… Sarah Jones is an admitted liar and a convicted felon, but she says that I hurt her reputation?  Has the entire world gone crazy?  What about the fact that Sarah not only lied on national TV, but she also lied to the police about me?  Sarah lied and told them that I threatened her life (lie) and that I hired private investigators to follow her around for three years (lie).  Both of those statements are lies from a convicted liar, and yet Sarah is the one who should be awarded damages?  Sarah, wake up… I never even knew who you were before this case.  I understand that you want fame and money like everyone else.  It’s fine if you want to use my name to make yourself famous, but seriously… stop making sh*t up.- nik