Screwed Up His Job For A Little Action

October 11, 2012 Dirty Predator, Las Vegas, Montana State 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Cheff is the biggest cheater I know. He cheated on me for years. He has cheated on every girlfriend that he has ever had. Chris is a liar. He has an excuse for every time that he’s cheated. He is currently in a relationship with a woman who is obviously dumber than a box of rocks or has very low self esteem. Chris moved from Las Vegas to Montana because he couldn’t find a job after he was fired for being a theif and having sex with a woman while on the job. He can’t keep a job and is currently unemployed. He had to move into his parents house. His girlfriend has no idea that he’s seeing a woman named Kim Thomas behind her back. The sad thing is this woman knows he has a girlfriend and doesn’t care. Obviously she is too wrapped up in his “yumminess”. Unfortunately, there is nothing yummy about Chris. He lies, he cheats, he is a sex addict. It’s all he thinks about. He slept with a teacher named Brooke in Las Vegas which was against the rules and she said that the only thing he wanted to do when he was with her was have sex. All the while, he was traveling to Arizona to have sex with his actual girlfriend. He is on every dating site imaginable just trying to get laid and is totally into threesomes. If you have an a friend (attractive or not) he’s going to want to bang her too. Chris is a horrible excuse for a man. He sees the world as one big frat party and he doesn’t care who he uses. His junk is nasty. Both Chris and Kim are dirty if you ask me and his current girlfriend is a dumbass to continue to put up with his behavior. But that’s just my opinion. You should know better than to put your activities on FB for the world to see. Time for the girlfriend to wise up and dump your ass. When did blue eyes give you the right to cheat?

I doubt it was very important anyways. Looks like he resides on a couch.- nik