The Brunette Is Back

October 22, 2012 Calgary, Langley 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Remember ‘Kaila Jeane’ the brunette you considered, until you saw her unedited photos. At the time she was 17 and ‘illegally’ posted on your site. Well now she’s 18, turning 19 soon, and legal so she can’t bitch about being posted up.. Thought i’d bring in some new news to double confirm your doubts about’s an update; As of recently she started sleeping with this new ‘purple crayon’, who goes by the name of Tyrell(in the picture above), since she starting seeing him, it appears she began packing on the pounds and caking on even more bronzer. I find her photos disturbing with what little of clothing she wears while her obvious whale blubber hangs from her muffin top and arms. Not to mention the fact that she also claims to be a “child of god”. Honey, that ship sailed for you years ago. Stop being a fake. Last but not least, nearly everyone in our city knows that while Kaila is off doing her fake plus size modeling and acting, her ‘man’ is sticking his purple crayon into any girl he can get his hands on. This may seem harsh Kaila, but nothing has seemed to get through to you over the years, so hopefully you start following some of your friends advice and face the truth..

Her pits look happy..and by that I mean well fed.- nik