Drug Addict # 1 and # 2

November 12, 2012 Chicago, Marquette 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Vic Garces and Joshua Dorau. They’re both a couple of mth addicts from Milwauke who spend EVEVY night trying to hustle guys out of drugs and cash. Vic maxes out his Discover card and his daddy pays for it after saying “We’ll pay for it this time, but you have to pay it next month” and he also racked up a $1,000.00+ bill for Uber. A Towncar service niether his or his daddy can afford. Let alone Josh who goes to Le Cordon Bleu (what he have to do to get in there, open the door?), can afford shit so they prostiute themselves in both Milwaukee and Chicago. Vic says he can’t let Josh suck his dick because Josh’s braces tear him all up. I think they’re both two disgusting, used up, drug addicts and that’s what they’ll always be. Especially Vic.

I don’t wanna know what they do as a hustle, or together for that matter.- nik