Everyone Knows Liana Lovett Is An Escort

November 28, 2012 Las Vegas, Sacramento, The Dirty 214

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Liana Lovett from Sacramento.  The girl isn’t even 21 yet and has been spending the past year traveling all over the place and going to Las Vegas non stop.  It is very obvious what she does for a living and she continues to deny it and talk sh*t to everyone on Facebook for calling her out.  Check out the Facebook post, she is talking about how she is not an escort and then all the sudden she has one of her “sudden” trips to Las Vegas.  You have to be stupid if you don’t think she escorts.  What other girl with no job and broke parents do you know only rocking designer gear and posting pictures with a bag full of money?

I hate when chicks claim they are not hookers, but can never give you an explanation of what they do for a living. Liana Lovett, instead of defending yourself just tell us how you make your money? Who is your employer? I actually believe you… no guy would pay for your body type.- nik