From Rat to Rapper

November 29, 2012 Edmonton 259

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, Have you ever been offered money to take a bullet? I sure havent but I know someone who has….HIS name is DAVE THE RAT PAVELICH who infiltrated on a highly organized crew of guys to get what he wanted. In the midst of all the events to come he got his own home raided to even bust his former room mate MR.Tasci who is hated by everybody in his city, you guys might know this fat arab jew… hes actually turkish but goes by the name of EMRE.. thinks hes the biggest baller in the west end of Edmonton who brags about 100 thousand dollars he got from getting hit by a bus when he was 19, NIK, did i mention this fat blob thinks hes the next biggest rapper to come out of Canada.. hahah what a joke. Let alone left his ex girlfriend and best friend to get there asses beat and smacked with pistols so his fat ass could get away .. Anyone loyal to this guy has been betrayed beyond words. We will get back to him though… This Dave Pavelich guys might know him to be the owner of the wack canadian mma company called “MFC -MAXIMUM FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP”. This guy has been known to have caught every drd in the book from clap, to gh**erea and crabs on a few occasions. Ladies be careful looks can be deceaving! He got in close with a real gangster in Edmonton,lets call him BOSSMAN, by sucking the guy off day in and day out and thennnn even took things to the extent of setting up a planned robbery which was executed how he pictured it where HIMSELF and BOSSMAN ended up getting jacked for 250 thousand dollars and shot in the legs. NIK,thats alottt of $$$ if you ask me.. Little did he know a little birdy chirped about the time he even asked a year prior to this happening that he would be down to take a bullet for 25k…WARNING TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS THIS GUY HE IS A BACKSTABBING PSY AND WHEN THE BOMB DROPS ON HIM ANYONE AROUND WILL BE HURT! NIK, after the shooting he swore he had nothing to do with the involvement with the setup so BOSSMAN didnt wack him. Hes sucha pssy when he got shot he covered his face so Edmontonians wouldnt know it was him lol!! His gay stripping father was paid a visit by some Hells Angels to collect the owing debt but where was THE RAT DAVE? OH SHIT he now lives in Windsor Ontario and you can catch him @ the BOOM BOOM ROOM where he works and has appeared to start a new life. How dirty can a person be, who sets up a guy that would have walked on water for you? Fcked up world we live in NIK. Back to this paranoid skitzo EMRE who is afraid of his own shadow and doesn’t leave his crib without his cousins who are even bigger pussies then him. Did I mention NIK, this coward beats every girl he is involved with? Messed up to think the fat guy below is going to be the “next superstar” Hope whoever reads this enjoyed this post, the birds keep chirping and bullets with all your names on it will reach one day. Until then HAVE A NICE DAY, and DO NOT TRUST NEITHER ONE OF THESE GOOFS. I uploaded pics of pretty boy Pavelich and fat boy wanna be slim Emre

That first pic took a lot of effort to not make it looks like a self shot.- nik