Helen Not So Pleasant

November 1, 2012 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Helen Pleasant, local stripper trash of Raleigh. You can find her at Capital Cabaret of Raleigh, that is when shes not out sleeping with the customers. I have run into her out at a local restaurant with an OLD MAN holding hands, just gross. She also sleeps with an older man to live in his house. She is supposed to be a so called mother but recently shipped her daughter off to go live with her parents. I hope they can do a better job of raising her kid than they did with rasing her. She also has a boyfreind who she has alienated from all his friends. She has made a pussy out of him. He is not allowed to answer his phone when his female friends call, she answers his phone for him. (I should be putting him up here with her lol) Ohh and have we mentioned she went from being an A cup nothing to getting a botched up boobjob with a huge “refund gap” between them and thinking she is hot shit. She is disrespectful to everyone she comes around and ladies if you see this girl you better hold on tight to your man because she is a notorious boyfriend stealer. She hangs out in the “RAVE” scene sometimes and does so called “light shows” to every man she can get her hands on, which consist of pretty much straddling whomever and molesting herself with glow sticks! She does her famous “light shows” at every party she goes to, even on girls boyfriends. She is obviously on drugs, shes so skinny you can see her ribs. There have been countless memes about this girl on facebook as well! Raleigh Men be warned don’t sleep with this girl, your p*nis will fall off!!!

Thick eyeshadow and heavily cropped pics gives people the wrong idea about your gender.  Just saying.- nik