I Wonder If Parents Know About The “Casting Couch”

November 11, 2012 Arizona / UofA, Huntington Beach, The Dirty 344 13,707 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Maggie Zaharson and Christine Richards are the biggest JOKES of ORANGE COUNTY. These girls make a hobby out of dressing half naked and posting nasty ass pictures of them making out with eachother or feeling eachother up! They are not even lesbians! Maggie has a bf for the past few years, but still f**ks other guys on the side. I use to think they only wanted attention cuz obviously they have severe daddy issues until O came upon a link to a PORNO that they made together… its awful and they are the biggest sl*ts. The pictures they post on instagram are repulsive… OH ALSO they used fake names in the porno they’re names arent JESSICA (christine) and PORSCHEA (maggie).. its on some casting couch type site. Theres nothing else I need to say…

Feel free to include the link in comments to share with other DIRTY ARMY members.- nik