Matt Tiffany Is Still Struggling

November 4, 2012 Las Vegas, The Dirty 32 5,907 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Matt Tiffany has got to be the most disturbing excuse for a human. First he gets FIRED from Pure and trys telling everyone it was a mutual seperation and that hes starting his own business. His “business” (if calling making deadmau5 heads and selling them on facebook a business) must have flopped because now this idiot is at goretorioum. Im not sure what Robert Fry was thinking when he hired him after all the sh*t he pulled at Pure. He is a master manipulator. He made up lies and fake files about Scott to get him fired. He did the same to Ian but he quit first and Matt took his job. The reason Matt got fired was his temper and how innapropriate he was to the girls at work. Apparantly his girlfriend was pregnant at the time but she dont have no baby prob cause he forced her to have an abortion. And than he broke up with her! What a slimmy thing to do. I dont know what she was thinking going with this guy anyways hes disgusting You dont have anyone fooled Matt Tiffany. Do this town a favor and go far far away!!
Matt was terminated from Pure for being shady, nothing was mutual. I decided.- nik