No One Is Jealous Of Her

November 15, 2012 Cincinnati, Ohio 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Priscilla, no one and I mean NO ONE is jealous of you. They are not jealous that you\’re begging people on facebook to move in so they can pay all the rent. No one is jealous that you traded your car in for a 1999 BMW, your car has stickers that say BMW it is not a BMW. Please buy some koolaid or some gummy bears for your kid, stop making her live in a box with no food. You are disgusting.. You can post 100 new profile pictures a day, you will still be a no body and everyone will still hate you. Delete your facebook and just start over or else you\’re going to be miserable. Stop acting like your 18 years old and act like you have some god damn sense. Everyone knows you should be behind bars with your husband. Nik please tell this woman to get help!

That looks like a 2002 to me.- nik