Social Climber Jennifer Ketsa

November 5, 2012 Edmonton 177
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jennifer Ketsa, Social Climber/Victim Drama Queen. Jennifer’s only real talent is to climb on any cock and use her grotesquely out of proportion titties to land a rich guy. Once the guy runs out of money, (trust me, she will go through it all quickly) he becomes the latest in a long list of “stalkers”. She goes and gets protective orders against these guys and plays the victim to the extent deserving an Oscar for her performances. Secretly, she still contacts these guys to try and bilk every last cent from them, and when the money stops, she wants the orders enforced all while landing on the next money infused cock. Jennifer has a son that she pawns off on her Mother every chance she gets for “work” purposes, when in reality she is just partying and sucking every last dime out of some poor chap (literally). Nik put this chick on blast, men in Edmonton and surrounding areas need their wallets protected..
I find that hard to believe with her muffin top spilling out.- nik