BUYERS BEWARE of Caitlin Moores

December 20, 2012 Dirty Predator, Hollywood, Miami, The Dirty 426

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you heard of the movie Pretty Woman… poor prostitute finds rich guy to make all of her dreams come true? Meet Caitlin Moores; straight from wh*re valley, she is the 2012 version that comes equipped with DRD’s, syphilis and the brain washing technique. Unfortunately cases like this still exist and by the dozen, but this situation is far more disgusting. Caitlin is much more vicious when it comes to finding her victims. She befriends girls (moves herself and her family into their homes) that have or have had rich boyfriends or husbands and finds out the scoop on them so she says and does all the right things and then attacks. Sucking her victims of all the cash she can squeeze out of them before they realize she’s only in it for some quick cash or some plastic surgery to fix her large nipples. BUT if she’s not striking gold with some innocent sap with a big wad of money she’s on where you can literally pick how much you want to spend on a fresh new batch of crabs. That might cost you! What’s a mere $50 for a lispy blowjob? If you are a residents of Palm Beach and Los Angeles beware, hide your husband hide your kids!

What a terrible boob job… I can see the old Hilton logo which is not a good sign. Caitlin Moores seems like the type of girl who sends out nudes so feel free to submit them so we can gage the nips.- nik