THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I don’t even know where to start. This girl, if you can even call her that, is hands-down the most pathetic person I’ve ever met. Her name is Madivie Blonde Ambieny, but she often goes by “Madi” and sometimes by her ex-husband’s name “Madi Parks”. She tricked her baby-daddy/ex-husband into getting her pregnant by telling him she was ALREADY pregnant so he would bone her with no condom. A while after the baby is born they get married, supposedly because she threatened to take their baby back to Africa (she’s from the Congo) unless he married her. Well, ultimately the jokes on her because the marriage quickly ended in a divorce; her husband decided he would rather be a woman. And I cant blame him, she would have turned me off of women for life too! Now not only did she create THAT mess for herself, but she also spends her free time harassing people who are better looking than her/more successful than her. Which is literally anyone and everyone. Instead of taking care of her daughter, she would much rather spend her time photoshopping her Facebook photos (see the attached image), creating fake profiles of guys so she can post on her OWN page and pictures calling herself beautiful/sexy/flawless and harassing people who actually have lives. Oh and did I mention that she pretends to have cancer so she can get sympathy from people? Ask her what kind of cancer she has, and she can’t even tell you, lol. Nik, please put this bitch on blast, she needs to know the whole world sees right through her bullshit.

Start with the photoshop.  There’s a lot of it.- nik