Crazy Caitlyn

December 17, 2012 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 101 8,195 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING! Caitlyn Plantage, if you see her turn the other way and head for the hills. First this trog lures you in with a totally fake innocence, gets you to fall for her and then she decides it is time to sleep with every other guy she can find. As if that wasnt enough, she strives to have everything and everyone in her life twisted around her finger and at one anothers throat as some sort of desperate act to live out a soap opera. Then when you finally get wise to the dumb bitches games she begins stalking you in some attempt to keep you close to her web of bullshit. This failed Barbie is a hook up whore that cant even get laid in college so she continues to pray on little foothills kids. She goes to pima and noo guy wants her. This girl has lost her marbles, her story starts when she was alienated by everyone because she had her dog eat peanut butter out of her pussy. This girl has serious mental problems,and needs more than a professional. I couldn’t stand being her friend anymore, and apparently neither could anyone else because she also claims to be possessed by the devil. She cheats on every boyfriend she has. The reason she has her job is because her and her best friend hannah slept with the manager and got him fired. Of course caitlyn is happy to see everyone around her fall apart, just like her. This girl is so insecure that all she does all day is make fun of other people so she feels better about her own ugly, fake, disgusting self. This girl must have an std right now. Her life is also so sad that she sabotages other people to bring them down. Caitlyn needs a reality check. I can’t believe she isn’t on here already! PUT THIS GIRL ON BLAST! Oh and btw, you cheering was a joke.

The thicker the roots the deeper the problems.- nik