Hollywood Tricia Evans

December 26, 2012 Hollywood 61

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Some people just never learn Nik. This girl Tricia Evans calls herself Hollywood Tricia but she’s known to clients by her escort name Beverly Hilton. Others know her by her twitter handle or simply as that self proclaimed playmate that made the news for cracking twitter jokes in the wake of the Aurora shooting.  To say this girl has no class would be an insult to people with no class. She has a knack for attracting bad attention and deserves to be exposed for what she is: a trashy, offensive, petty, sh*t talking hypocritical whore whose actions show no remorse or interest in being a better person. She denies it to everyone including her boyfriend but we found all her escort ads. The hypocritical irony of what comes out of her mouth is astonishing. Her twitter is a source of never-ending sh*t talking but she always ends up as the but of the joke. Let’s teach this girl once and for all that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

How much?- nik