I Bet Money On Manny Pacquiao As Well

December 10, 2012 Las Vegas, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sorry about the fight. I bet on Manny too. I couldn’t watch football on Sunday because I was so depressed. I’d probably shoot myself if I lost 15k like you. I can’t get over how graphic this knockdown was. The guys in the control room at HBO have no heart to film Manny’s wife screaming and to show Manny’s body lifeless. This fight is going to haunt my dreams for years. I wanted to get your thoughts. Should Manny retire? Personally I believe ever since he has found God, he has become a loser.

Manny rather be a clown than a fighter, he self distracts himself with other sh*t that doesn’t matter so he can be worshiped. The real problem is Freddy Roach… Manny needs a real corner, not some guy shaking and kissing his ass through a fight. Also, I want a proper drug test on Marquez.- nik