Is Autumn Moore Playboy Worthy

December 2, 2012 San Diego, The Dirty 102 9,348 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is Autumn Moore or on facebook Autumn Lynn. She claims to be an up and coming model and just moved back to California from Michigan. She is doing this to make her modeling career better. She is one of those girls that have competed in the Playboy Miss Social contest and Miss Social Network. Her thing was she was the “cute girl next door.” Recently, I have found her on MFC under the name of JadeAlexis. I just wanted to point out how hypocritical she has been since I started to follow her on facebook. When she was running for PBMS she did chats on U-Stream for the social part of the contests. Many times people would ask to show her boobs when she was doing this and her excuse was, “I only show them to my fiance.” But for the last couple of months she has been doing the cam girl thing and showing off her boobs and other parts like it is nothing.  She claims that she is single (better tips from members), but I know that she is still engaged. Being engaged was her way our of Michigan and getting back to California. Don’t know if her fiance knows what she does when he is at work and while he was overseas in Iraq, but I do know that if it was me I would be furious. Would not want my girl getting naked on the internet for random guys. Just wanted to put Autumn and/or JadeAlexis on blast to let people know exactly what she does.

I could tell by the carpet in the second image that Autumn is funded by the military.- nik