Jeffery Walker

December 26, 2012 Denver 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please be aware of a man named Jeffery Walker, He claims to have traveled around the word doing TATTOOS and claims to be a MASTER TATTOOIST, but the truth is this “man ” is a con artist and seeks out women and gains their trust with his Charming personality. He claim to and pretends to love and care for the women while at the same time draining their assets and forging documents, stealing their checks and bank cards. Once the women figure out what he has done he disappears, with no remorse or closer. Leaving these women and their families in financial hardship. He has traveled to Arkansas, Denver, Arizona , Kentucky and New Mexico and also Oklahoma. Leaving behind a trail of deception, heartache and unfinished tattoo work  that he was prepaid a portion of the cost. My advise to anyone involved or in contact with Jeffery Walker aka Jeff Walker and web site Empireinktattoo Should turn around and run before he financially drains you bank account. He is also collecting pictures of young girls, as young as 12 years. Who do I know this, He lived with me and my family for 2 years and did this to me and I am now discovering several other women. SO PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE !!!

How much could a basement tat really cost.- nik