Mr. Lonely For Life

December 26, 2012 Dallas 212

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there’s a new fg in Dallas. His name is Spyk James Wardlay… yes he really has a dog’s name. He is a psychotic and obsessive 30K millionaire douche who constantly tells me he is trying to make himself worthy of me. He works at ghetto clinics like Oak Cliff Medical Treatment Clinic and Lake June Medical Clinic and basically does all the bitch work for his perverted old dad, Dr. Bruce Wardlay. Well here’s some news buddy, YOU’RE A LOSER and will never be worthy of me. Why? Because he is trashy, cheap, greasy beaner that has a tiny 4 1/2 inch cock that can’t bring pleasure. For someone who works at medical clinics it’s quite a shame that he has genital herpes. He gets off to that fictional medieval porn Game of Thrones and likes being called big boy while you stick a finger up his ass. He is a cold, lonely, miserable person and heads up girls, this was the WORST SEX OF MY LIFE. It’s pretty obvious he’s a flaming homosexual… just come out of the closet already Spyk. Oh and since he can’t have me, he’s sleeping with a fugly flat chested Hulk Hogan look-alike tramp named Lindsay. It’s only a matter of time she finds out he likes the dick.

Nice Spidey shirt fantasy warrior.- nik