Old Dirty Sleeze Ball

December 3, 2012 Calgary 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man is the most dirtiest sleez ball ever.. this man thinks he is gods gift to women.. not only that he also has a girlfriend that he says he love so much..but he made a Zoosk account and has been going on dates with 20 to 25 year old girls… His name is Dan Harris Aka (Cooter) He lives in Sedgwick Alberta..He is 47 years of age.. And has No teeth and the most ugliest person alive.. This guy has also a massive drinking problem and lie’s about it and get fired from work because of it.. And cheats on his so called girl friend that is the sweetest person alive.. This man has no respect for woman and himself.. He is one class act.. And for the people of the world watch out for this guy and stay away…

We need a good word for baldies with mullets.  Too many old guys are picking up the habit.- nik