PSA: Watch Out For Swizzlebeak Wanda “Devyn” Roberts

December 19, 2012 Cincinnati, Lexington 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think you should stay away from this one. Devyn is a Skooch poser Ho with jacked up sagging +2’s, I think from not wearing a bra for nine years. This bottle ratting slore can’t afford to pay to get into most places she goes to hustle for sugar-daddies, let alone clothes for her kids. She is a married 35+ year old felon from Newport. She targets older established married men in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Columbus and Lexington areas to hustle. She calls them “licks” and hides their contact information in her cellphone under fake family or girlfriend names. She dances at a strip club in Lexington. She’s been known to hand out prescription drugs like candy, and based upon how she pops them I think she could be addicted. Looking at the scars on her upper lip it looks like she might have oral herpes. She says she hustles multiple men at the same time and thinks she is a pro. When confronted about this she says there is another sucker around the corner she can get money out of. Once she starts drinking it’s like she can’t stop, she pounds them down like an alcoholic. Her head looks like it is too small for her body; it’s shaped like the Grinch’s. With her stretch-marked belly and thin chicken legs she looks like a wrinkled egg on toothpicks. She is a wreggelpik. She goes around acting like she’s better than everyone while looking down her nose at anyone not buying her drinks. She doesn’t care who she steps on as long as she gets her way. She will take all the money she can get, threaten your job, might give you drds all the while telling you she loves you and you’re the only one she’s sleeping with.

+2′s are the only reason she has a job.  Greatest investment a sloot can make.- nik