Psycho Manipulator

December 7, 2012 Calgary, Edmonton 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I just want to make people aware of this crazy psycho who has been manipulating girls for 5 years now. Her name is Kryzll Gajudo and she is from Oyen Alberta. She is also has been in school at Red Deer College. This girl has been pretending to be a number of guys for the last few years and tricking at least 10 girls (from all over Alberta) into online relationships. She would always come up with tragedy’s like deaths in the family, comas and all that shit so meetings wouldn’t be optional. This little psycho is able to change her voice to sound like a mans voice so when it came to talking to these girls on the phone, it was believable. She would also seek out the girls and reach out to them as a friend and tell them stuff like “oh yeah i’m friends with these guys etc etc” So it would be more believable that these “guys” existed! She would send these girls gifts, like flowers, jewelry etc. And the stuff was not cheap! She had many different phone numbers and phones so she was able to do this to many girls at one time. There have been as many as 4 girls on the go at one time, so obviously she has no life! She would use pictures AND information from guys FB accounts all through the USA to make up fake Facebook and Plenty Of Fish accounts of the people she was pretending to be. She would tell these girls she was in love with them, that she wanted to marry them, have a family with them. She would ask for dirty pictures AND initiate phone sex! She is a sexual predator. She preys on seemingly strong women and finds out all their weaknesses and manipulates the shit out of them. Nik, put this girl on blast. she’s a sick, nasty pervert!

So you’re saying this a man…I could believe that.- nik