Since Liana Is Not An Escort, What Does She Really Do For A Living

December 4, 2012 Las Vegas, Sacramento, The Dirty 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have known Liana for the past few years and I myself have always wondered what she does for a living and how she makes her money.  I figured all the free, random trips were from guys with money who just wanted to treat a pretty girl to a nice vacation.  But after seeing everything on this site and how us girls really do operate for money, I myself have started to question what Liana does for a living.  I asked her after the post last week and she told me she is a personal shopper, which to be honest doesn’t make sense since she doesn’t have the best of outfits herself.  So Liana, what do you really do?

Maybe she shops for condoms?- nik

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