Amanda Durante

January 15, 2013 Hamilton 157

THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik,this girl right here, Amanda Durante, has to be one of the dirtiest girls iv ever met, from fcking people in her high schools bathroom, to getting rammed by three different guys in the back seat of a car, behind ” Blue Martini” in Hess, and sucking random guys off in the bathroom of clubs. She claims shes ” modeled” but yet all her ” modeling” pics where just pictures of her posing infront of a sheet tied up on the wall.. She lies about everything in her life to get people to like her, just like she claims she has a half a mill ” trust fund” from her grandparents and she had her own condo in burlington plus an amazing car that so happened to always be in the “shop” yet the bitch took HSR and lived at home with mommy and daddy.. Man i have so many stories of this dirty bitch id be here forever. All in all this dirty muffin top bitch need to get off her knee’s and stop taking it in the ass and maybe join jenny craig

Nice arm rest.- nik