Bekah Not-so-Nice

January 8, 2013 Seattle, Washington State 40 7,932 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a dirty little skank that dropped out of COMMUNITY COLLEGE because her mother pulled her funds. Why? Caught her fcking five other dudes, aside from the two girls in her “polyamorous” relationship. More like polyI’mgonnapuke. She still seems to think that she’s the hottest thing in the world, though, and she’s known for starting brawls. Also a cheat—she’s cheated on every person she’s ever dated. Pulled the rape card once, though when they tested her there wasn’t any evidence. She sent an innocent man to jail because he flat out told her she was a slut and she didn’t want him near her. She also got fired from being a nanny because she was using DRUGS around the little kids she was supposed to be taking care of. As someone from Moscow, I have one thing to say: People of Pullman, watch your step, you might get slunt on your shoe if you stand too close to her.

Her next phase will be thug.  I decided.- nik