Big Dumb Morgan Lekstrom

January 4, 2013 Vancouver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Morgan Lekstrom is the biggest tool in this city. He will treat you like a queen, and as soon as he is done with you, he will dump you on your ass like you are nothing. He has a pattern ladies, so listen up. First, he will pick you up. Buy you drinks, light the bar on fire at CJ’s. He makes a lot of money and he isn’t afraid to spend it, so if you go on his carnival ride, make sure you get paid! Then, he will take you back to his place (which isn’t actually his place) and make you his famous pasta dinner! It is the best thing about him except his huge cock. Then its off to the hot tub, some wine, a movie and to bed. Next morning, he will take you to breakfast at Pasecks, and then spend the rest of his at home time convincing you to fall in love with him. As soon as he leaves for work, it will be flowers, and poetry. You will think this guy is AMAZING…until he realizes that you do indeed have a brain and can think for yourself…the moment you challenge him his is out! “Deal breaker” Trust me, this guy is on the prowl and his is a fcking loser.

If its not his place its not his money.  Overdrafting 20k.  I decided.- nik