Big Time Meat Flaps

January 29, 2013 Winnipeg 221

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Ive been trying to post This is the one and only Amber Taylor for the last six months! Yes the title says “Big time meat flaps” and that’s for a reason! She should get those things fixed and stop running from the bill collector over a past due account for the none payment of her gross titties! She should stop wasting her child support money on collagen injections and tanning! She says shes such a good person and yet all she does is talk about her friends,family and so called bosses! Her friends shouldn’t be put down as soon as she hangs up her phone. Especially the one with kids that she calls little retards! Its not her friends faults if their dirty or their grandmother died,go clean their filth as you say you want to so bad,,live and let live,! she lives rent free and yet she bitches and complains about the agency shes trying to work for, including the old bag she says that runs the place in the front office, she may be a drunk but why is that your problem Amber? If you stopped cleaning Kevin’s dick behind his wife’s back and just cleaned for him maybe you would get that raise or some kind of pay, the guys married with children and still you want to try take his business. This bitch brags so much about sleeping with her friends men and yet she freaks out if anyone mentions her Ex “Casey’s” name. You should leave him alone with his new wifey, shes a beauty. Don’t get jealous every time you see them together. I would trade your stretched marked ass in any day. How many abortions is this slut going to have? You would think by now her uterus would stop working, or has it? one dick is not good for her but she needs her toys too! Like who walks around all day with asshole beads inserted? Hey Amber Dr.phil has a another book out,you should read it or maybe you are already!

Those hearts are not regulation size.  Just saying.- nik